The best way of getting to the Dordogne (if you are not within driving distance) is to fly and then hire a car. There are two airports in the Dordogne region, Bergerac and Brive, as well as Bordeaux International airport to the west of the Dordogne

The most convenient airport is Bergerac, which is small and only 50 minutes away by car.

Both Ryanair and Flybe fly directly from UK to Bergerac, on selected days, during the winter, and every day during the rest of the year.

The quickest way to get from Bordeaux Airport (BOD) to Pecany, Saint-Chamassy is to drive on the A89 which costs 22 € – 35 € (toll road) and takes 2h 7m.

Or by train from Bordeaux, which would cost between 33€ and 50€, and take 1hr 55m.