French farmers’ markets

The Dordogne is renowned for some of the most sought-after delicacies in the culinary world, including black truffles, foie-gras, cépes , walnuts and wild boar. French markets are part of the Dordogne experience and they offer the perfect opportunity to sample a vast array of farmers’ produce and to appreciate the genuine craftsmanship of local artisans.

Throughout Périgord you will find farmers’ markets in different towns and villages every day of the week.
Many of these have been held on the same day for centuries and the Dordogne has a vast choice, as illustrated in the short list below.

Bergerac Saturday, Wednesday
Lalinde Thursday
Le Bugue  Tuesday, Saturday
Les Eyzies Monday
Monpanzier Thursday
Périgueux Saturday, Wednesday
Sarlat Saturday, Wednesday
St Alvère Monday
St Cyprien Sunday
Trémolat Tuesday

You may also be lucky enough to visit a vide-grenier (boot sale) and find local produce for sale….

Evening markets in the Dordogne

These are to be found throughout the Dordogne during the summer months.
Some locations offer a traditional market, whilst others, our favourites, provide a unique and cheap dining experience in wonderful surroundings.
They provide the perfect excuse for locals and visitors to become acquainted with traditional Dordogne life.
You are expected to bring your own cutlery and plates, as well as wine glasses, though everything is available for hire should you forget!
Tables and chairs (or benches) are put out on in an open space, be it under trees or in a village square, and you buy your food from local producers, cooked while you wait.
You will find Bergerac wine, cheese, classic french dishes and also food from far-flung places.
Live music is on offer with dancing after you’ve eaten…. a perfect evening!

Swimming in the Dordogne

The Dordogne in the summer can get hot with temperatures soaring above 30°C.

There are numerous points near la maison de la tour where a natural river beach allows you to sunbathe, paddle and swim. These are found in beautiful calm settings along both the Dordogne and Vézère rivers.

Le Buisson
Le Buisson

Two open air pools are to be found locally, one in Le Bugue and the other in a panoramic setting in the tiny village of Audrix (about 10 mins from la maison de la tour).

Le Bugue
Le Bugue